free blogging toolsFree Blogging Tools You Need to Use

To give your blogging the best impact is the ability to write on subjects that people demonstrably care very strongly about you’re going to need these free blogging tools.  Otherwise you’re just getting hobby readers who like to browse subjects, but who don’t have the burning need to actually use some of their hard-earned money to buy something.

When you know what people are actively searching for, what is on their minds and why, then you will have key leverage in the situation, and you will be able to direct the visitor/reader to articles, offers, links and sites that help them as well as you.

It was Zig Ziglar who said:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Now these tools are not programs that you can download, or something that you have to pay for, rather they are sites which you can access which give you important data to run with.  It’s not hard you just have to be able to see and identify trends and patterns of thought that are important generally to people and cause them to click on a link.

And remember there is the casual curious click, and then there is the pain-point click which means that the visitor is highly likely to buy something then and there, or at least highly likely to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social media, etc.

In other words, they have a burning need/desire and they recognize you as an authority in the matter.


Amazon is very easy to utilize.  You look up the books, products or items that you are interested in and you click the “Best Sellers” link or menu item, you will immediately see the products that people are paying money for (which is clear indication of their need/desire) and immediately you start to get a sense of what is important to people and what are their pain-points that are making them click buy.

Of course when they click “buy” that means someone gets money, why can’t that be you getting the money?

Further, you can look at any product page and see customer reviews, which give you more selling angles and details, which if you implement in your copy and content you are going to tie-in to the minds of the buyers and get them on your side.


In BuzzSumo (free or paid) you can search for specific phrases, products, ideas, etc.  and find out how many social shares those keywords have created.  In other words, what are the concepts an content that get people buzzing (hence, the name BuzzSumo) and excitedly clicking those viral social buttons.

Look at the image below:

how to blog effectively

When I typed in list building strategies certain types of content titles drew large social shares: articles with numbers to them; i.e. “11 Sign-Up Strategies”, “5 Simple Social Media Strategies”, “8 Email List Building Strategies”.  Hmm, wonder why I chose the title for this article?….


Facebook is a tremendous market research tool with their patented Graphic Search.  With Facebook Graphic Search you can make searches like “people who like dog training”, “pages liked by people who like internet marketing”, or “games played by people who are over 25”

fb capture

You can access pages, groups and profiles of people who are into these various niches, scan their content and develop an idea of what’s hot right now, what are people’s pain-trigger points, and what is their feedback on different issues or produts.  Then you can create content that Google will send hundreds and thousands of hungry product/service consumers to your pages.

For more info go to

YouTube and Google

YouTube and Google are very easy to find out marketing and demographic information.  There is an auto-fill feature in their search fields, which automatically starts to complete the queries based on the most used phrases.

google stength cap

So I just started typing out “gaining strength….”, immediately suggestions started to appear, the first one being “gaining strength on a cut”.  What does that mean?  I’m not really sure, BUT a lot of people seem to know exactly what that means.

Are you getting to my point?

This means that there are a significant number of people searching for this phrase, who are well into the buying cycle, and very interested to get more information about that subject, and very probably going to get something from a reputable source.  That reputable source being you.


When you use the Twitter search feature, you immediately get access to Tweets that have to do with a certain phrase or hashtag from any type post from any specific set of people, locations, or dates.

twitter gainstrenth cap

Even though Tweets are restricted to 140 characters, they give a pretty good indication of people’s thoughts, needs, and mindsets.  You also can access other blogs and articles which give you tightly targeted data for you niche or specialization. allows you to see the most trending articles over the course of 6 months, 3 months, 2 weeks, or right now regarding different keywords.  So if you can create content similar in nature (and title) to these articles, you have assurance that you are hitting on target, drawing eyeballs to your content.


Are you starting to get the idea?  Don’t write about subjects that interest you.  Write about subjects that LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE are verifiably interested in.

Google will naturally start delivering traffic to your site, but your social media marketing is going to be much more effective and any money invested in advertising is going to actually work instead of just be a large gaping hole that you throw money into.

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