About Us

20131010_120636 (2)Hi, I’m Curtis Burns.  In the last few months I’ve started a number of internet marketing endeavors.  To keep everything real, I am to be totally honest in my successes as well as my un-successes.  “Failure” is not really so because you succeeded in learning what didn’t work.

I’m in my fifties, I live in Minnesota in the USA.  I was born in Wisconsin, so I’m a midwestern sort of dude.  I have one son from another marriage, who’s just set off on his own as a welder; and I was recently married a few years ago.

I’ve been a writer all my life, and I’ve published a few things and have been regularly blogging in the new age niche for many years already.  Now I want to get a little less “up in the air” and now get “down to earth” building a business which can be fun, but also where I get out of bed when I want to as opposed to someone else telling me when to get out of bed.  You know about that, I’m sure…..

Yes I do have that j-o-b thing going on yet, and sometimes it’s hard to start up my computer after a hard day’s work.  But if i want to get where I want to go (and I have specific goals), there is only one person who’s going to make it happen: that guy I keep seeing i the mirror.

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I’ll be talking to you, soon

Curtis Burns