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Aweber (list building)

aweber300x250_v5Hands down Aweber is the autoresponder that you need to get.  They have the number one deliverability of all the autoresponders.  I’ve tried others and I know for a fact that even Get Response emails will end up in the spam filter, which means basically wasted effort for you.  The system is intuitive to run, very short learning curve.  If you’re like me simplicity always trumps complexity, I only have so much time in the day.

The few bucks you’re going to pay more will multiply themselves into profits because with increase delilverability you get more readers AND you get higher commissions for each affiliate sale.  The Aweber affiliate program is easy residual money.  Your list is your most precious asset, you need to invest in it appropriately

SiteGround Website Hosting

250x250Having personal experience with a number of website hosting companies, I can tell you that SiteGround hosting is WONDERFUL.  They are so professional, swift to resolve problems, and informative that you will never regret switching to them.  When I switched over to them (from another company who will remain nameless; i.e. Hostgator) I made a few mistakes that set up the accounts under the wrong names and URL’s.  Normally that would be a hassle to resolve, but the techs at SiteGround corrected my mistakes without a problem.

One of the cool things about SiteGround hosting is you get one free domain for every year that you have your account with them.  This way you get a free domain forever (as long as you stay with SiteGround), which is very groovy of them.